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Analytics for the trades.

Take your company from data-hungry to data-driven

SPUD brings the science of decision-making to Home Services companies with a simple analytics subscription.

Unlimited requests

Dedicated analyst

Cancel anytime

ServiceTitan partner

Achieve Data Accuracy & Visibility






Does this sound familiar?

Poor Visibility

You have tons of data, but your teams can't seem to get to exactly what they need for the desired impact.


No Single Source Of Truth

Two people get two different answers when querying the data so teams aren't aligned on performance.

Under-utilizing ServiceTitan*

You're not sure you're using the settings and automation options to simplify and enhance data collection.

* or other industry software

Inaccurate Information

You have reports and metrics but don't use them becuase they're unreliable and don't accurately account for your operational  nuances.


Decisions Base On Insufficient Data

You set KPI targets set based on an arbitrary increase over past performance or choose your success metrics based on instinct or best practices alone.

Emphasis On Reporting vs. Action

You have reporting solutions but your team is bogged down chasing daily fluctuations and fixing quality issues.  You're ready to put the pieces together to test and grow.

What if you could

go beyond reporting?


Working with SPUD


Get Started Right Away

When you subscribe and make your first request, work begins the next business day. There's no scope development and no extended onboarding process.

Expertise On Demand

I know the data challenges that come with a growing (organically or through acquisitions) home services business You can benefit from 20 years of data management and analytics experience immediately and for only as long as you like (cancel anytime).

Less Commitment Than a Full-time Hire

In terms of both time (recruiting, interviewing, training) and money (salary, benefits), I offer the benefits of a dedicated analyst with less investment required from you.

Simple Engagement

We use Trello and an occasional call. You make requests. I make suggestions. It all goes onto the board. I manage all of the tasks and keep them moving for you. You have constant visibility and can adjust the the queue at any time.


Analytics Subscription

Unlimited analytics and strategy requests to transform the way you make decisions.

analytics subscription Step 1

Subscribe to a plan

Pick the plan that's best for you and cancel anytime.

analytics request  Step 2

Make a request

Create your own or choose from a set of recommendations.

analytics results Step 3

See the results

Requests are completed within 3 business days on average

Build a data culture.
Grow profit.

As a business operating the trades, you're amassing valuable data. It's generated through your marketing, call centers, field operations, customer feedback programs, accounting, and so on. You're leaving money on the table if you haven't found a way to pull it all together to transform your company. First, your data must be ACCURATE so that it can guide you in the right direction.  Using accurate data, reporting shows us WHAT is happening. Analytics looks deeper to discover WHY it's happening and HOW to make a change.  As you set yourself up with these tools, you'll establich a culture of analytics...a company that uses experience and science to never stop learning and growing.

Use analytics to...Inform decisions ➡️ Take action ➡️ Drive down costs ➡️ Increase revenue ➡️ Increase profit.


Start using data to your advantage.


Choose your level of involvement and communication. 

Know that someone is focused on your data and analytics so you don't have to be. 

Below is a list of specific services. 

Data Audits


Custom SOPs


Custom Reporting


Data Management Guidance


ServiceTitan Dashboards


KPI Benchmarking


Conversion Funnel Analysis


Deep-Dive Analytics


Data Visualization


ServiceTitan Settings Optimization


Analytics Strategy Development


Data Clean-Up *


Missed Revenue Game Plan *


Data Culture Building *


Essential Service
Premium Service *

Build Intentionally




Get started with SPUD today


Subscribe to a plan or book a call to get your questions answered.



Unlimited analytics requests

◕ One request at a time

Dedicated analyst

Essential services

 Easy credit card payments

Cancel anytime


* Recommended for businesses looking to get started with analytics.



Monthly strategy calls

Data culture building

Premium services

Unlimited analytics requests

◕ One request at a time

Dedicated analyst

Essential services

 Easy credit card payments

Cancel anytime



* Recommended for companies that are ready to incorporate analytics throughout the business and leadership strategy.  

Custom Project


* Create a specific analytics-based outcome with defined scope and measurement of success without a subscription.

Big Questions

What are your Big Questions?

Big Questions are the ones that nag at you for months.  You know you're collecting tons of data and you have countless reporting options, but you're not sure how to piece it all together to get the answers you need to make a change.  These are the types of questions that predictive analytics  can answer.

How much impact does customer satisfaction have on our revenue?

Which customers are likely to cancel membership, and how can we save them?

How can we increase average revenue per job?

How can we grow repeat business?

How can we capture more missed revenue?

Is there a segment of customers that’s consistently most profitable for us?

What distinguishes top CSRs or technicians?

Can we use forecasting to better prepare for the next 12 months?


ServiceTitan partner

I'm Cortney Lantry, founder of SPUD.  In 20 years as a statistician, I've worked with a great variety of businesses data (survey, research, marketing, operational, financial).  In the home services industry, I've helped business from a wide range of sizes ($1 million to $5 billion annual revenue).  

Over time, I've seen that having strong analytics skills and advanced techniques isn't enough to translate data into growth.  Those skills MUST be combined with an understanding of how the business operates, both in terms of revenue models and internal processes and decision-making.  Simply discovering the story the data is telling doesn't transform a company.  Creativity and definitive action guided by that story is what creates change.  That's how I help my clients through SPUD.


I deliberatley keep my client list small so that I can serve well.  Knowing my clients' goals and processes allows me to consistently bring new ideas and data discoveries in addition to delivering on their day-to-day requests.


A ServiceTitan Partner

ServiceTitan Certified Coach logo
ServiceTitan Certified Provider logo

I am a ServiceTitan Partner, certified as a provider and coach.  The ServiceTitan Partner Program identifies independent consultants and coaches that have extensive knowledge of the industry and the ServiceTitan product.  Partners can play an integral part in the success of ServiceTitan customers by providing support, coaching, job specific training, etc.

  • Why a subscription?
    Growing your company with analytics doesn't have a defined beginning and end. It's an ongoing process. With the subscription plans, you experience consistent progress with a predictable cost, and the value compounds over time. A subscription also allows us to start impacting your business right away instead of spending time defining scope and outlining terms. There may be a scenario where you need to tackle one large project that requires undivided attention and has clearly defined completion criteria. In that case, the Custom Project option may be more appropriate.
  • Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?
    When you subscribe, you can add as many requests to your queue as you'd like, and they'll be completed one by one.
  • Is there a cap on hours?
    Hours don't come into play. You are not billed for time. The subscription fee ensures ongoing progress on an unlimited number of requests (broken down into tasks). Tasks are handled one at a time, so prioritization is key.
  • How long does each request take?
    As you might expect, the answer depends on the complexity of the request. Straightforward tasks or questions may be completed within a few hours, while others may take a full week. Those larger requests will be broken down in to smaller tasks though, so you will be able to track progress. In general requests are completed in 2-3 business days.
  • How do I submit requests?
    Requests are added and tracked using Trello. You will have a private board and can add requests directly to it. Because the subscription includes unlimited email acces, you are also able to reach out to me anytime, and I will advise you on how we can best accomplish what you're looking for and add those items directly to the board for you. The management of all requests is on me, not you!
  • If I'm too busy to submit requests, is my subscription wasted?
    No. The subscription is designed to be valuable to you regardless of whether you submit requests. Part of my commitment to you is to continuously add items to the queue and make recommendations FOR you. I use the subscription approach because it gives us the opportunity to continuously impact your business even when your attention is required elsewhere. If you truly do have no need for these services over a particularly timeframe, you have the option to pause or cancel the subscription anytime.
  • Why would I work with you when I'm already paying ServiceTitan?
    ServiceTitan offers solutions that enable your business to establish process, collect data, track jobs and performance, and otherwise optimize your operations. As a ServiceTitan Partner, my services are complementary to what ServiceTitan offers.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the custom, on-demand nature of these services, no refunds are issued. If you decide the subscription is no longer right for you, simply cancel your plan through your customer portal.
  • What if I'm not a ServiceTitan customer?
    That's not a problem. The plans and services (except those specifically labeled 'ServiceTitan') are not specific to the ServiceTitan platform. I've established a partnership with ServiceTitan becuase they demonstrate a commitment to capturing data for their customers, and data is the starting point for growing your business through analytics. If you're unsure of whether SPUD services are right for you, just book a call and we can figure that out. I don't want us to come to that realization AFTER you've subscribed because that wouldn't benefit either of us.

Not sure?

I work with a very small number of clients at a time and take on no more than one new client in a given month.  If you think you might be interested but have questions or just want a human conversation before subscribing, go ahead and book a call.  I'd love to meet you and decide together if we're a good fit.

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